Electrifying Transportation for a Greener Tomorrow

The transportation sector is responsible for approximately one quarter of greenhouse gas emissions globally, with much of the sector relying on fossil fuels for energy. That is the weight of our everyday commutes, logistic operations, and cross-country journeys on our planet. Our highways are packed with the rumbling of fossil fuel-powered cars, buses, heavy-duty trucks, […]

Future of Energy Storage Technology

Energy storage emerges as a groundbreaking force shaping our sustainable future in a society dominated by our energy needs. And the way to a more sustainable tomorrow involves using cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. As a result, the role of energy storage is becoming increasingly critical and crucial. Energy storage technologies, which capture, store, and […]

What is World Energy Storage Day? Objectives & Highlights

The global population now exceeds 8 billion people and continues to keep growing. And the average amount of energy utilised per person each day is approximately (58 kWh) as per ENERGY FUNDAMENTALS and The World Counts. The energy usage average varies substantially from developed to developing to underdeveloped countries. The approximate amount of energy consumed […]

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