Global Energy Storage Skill Pledge

The global Energy Storage market is at approx. 200 Bn USD and growing at more than 10% CAGR. With accelerated adoption of renewables in the grid and electric mobility, this market is expected to touch One Trillion USD by 2035. The global energy storage industry will witness multiple giga factories, the development of a supply chain ecosystem, new R&D, giga scale deployments, recycling, and advanced battery technologies for industrial and mobility applications in near future. This will require skilled workforce to the tune of 10 million for direct employment and an additional 10 million skilled workforce for indirect employment in the next 10 years. This requirement will be driven by multiple geographies including the USA, China, Korea, Japan, India, Middle East, Africa, UK, Europe, and APAC countries.

To address this requirement, we as an industry need to address the current gap and focus on skilling, re-skilling, and capacity-building for the current workforce and future personnel. In the last 12-18 months during our interactions with various global trade bodies, industry associations, government officials, battery manufacturers, EV companies, renewable companies, ESS players, and industry stalwarts, we have received enormous suggestions for this skilling requirement and the importance of quality training and certification.

We at WESD, urge the industry to pledge to create a robust ecosystem for learning and capacity building for our future energy storage workforce for the entire ecosystem (inside or outside your organization).

If your Organization agrees to this important requirement and wants to be part of this energy storage skilling ecosystem, please sign the below pledge (#ESSkillPledge)

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